WordPress Multilanguage and Translation plugins

Best WordPress Multilingual & Translation plugins

If you want to offer your WordPress website content to other visitors on their own native language, perhaps you might think of creating individual websites per language and domain, but I can’t tell you that it’s not a good way.

The best way is to install and utilize the power of some of these multilingual plugin that will offer you the option to translate every word into unlimited number of languages. Here is a short reviews of most popular free and paid plugin that will help you to translate your website content with ease and offer it to larger masses on the internet.

1. WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

This plugin is well knows and probably the most popular one when it comes to translating WordPress website. It’s paid plugin and it offers all needed features for making your website available in any number of languages you need. Plugin also features page with list of compatible themes so you can be sure to check if your WordPress theme is fully working with WPML plugin, which may not be the case with all themes. Anyway, great plugin never the less. 🙂

WPML - WordPress Multilingual Plugin



2. qTranslate X – Free WordPress Multilingual Plugin

The qTranslate X comes as free alternative for the WPML and its also very good. It will help you in translating of your content and making it available in unlimited languages. You might also find a lot of additional add-ons for this plugin and make it ever better. It’s free and you can download it from official WordPress repository.

qTranslate X


3 Polylang – WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Polylang is yet another great Multilanguage plugin for WordPress. Besides of it’s core features that are capable of offering you all needed options for making website available in desired langauges, there is also a plugin that help you convert WordPress websites with WPML to Polylang with ease. Polylang also features PRO version and you can find out more once you try free one, link below.




Please note that both free plugnis and paid alternative are all offering the option to translate your website into many new languages, but its up to you to find the one that works best and that is easier to work with of course.

I hope that the plugins will serve you well, feel free to share any feedback or ask for help in comments section below.

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Being web developer for more than 15 years should tell you quit enough. I'm in love with WordPress for over a decade now and I have pretty neat and huge WordPress experience. I have created some free themes and plugins for WordPress and I do like to share my knowledge with others. :)

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