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What to expect in the WordPress 4.8

WordPress 4.8

The new and upcoming WordPress 4.8 version is about to be shipped very soon and the update should bring some nice enhancements and some need features as well. We have prepared the list of notable changes in the upcoming WordPress update.

New Audio, Video and Image widgets

WordPress 4.8 has three new core widgets and adds a visual editor to the Text widget. Adding video, audio, or images to text widgets typically involves using custom HTML.

Each of the new widgets in 4.8 takes advantage of the WordPress Media Library. Because the widgets use the media modal, users can insert content from a URL. This is particularly convenient for the Video widget as most videos are not stored locally.

Text widget now has a Rich text editor with a couple of basic formatting tools available. However, it does not support oEmbed. Like the post editor, you can switch between Visual and HTML mode.

The HTML version of the editor benefits from the upgrade as it provides users with the same formatting tools that are available in the visual editor.

Link Boundaries

New widgets in WordPress 4.8

Link boundaries are a byproduct of the ongoing work to Gutenberg, WordPress’ new block-based editor. If you’ve ever written links in the visual editor, you may have noticed that sometimes it’s difficult to move the cursor outside of the link element.

In WordPress 4.8, link boundaries provide a visual cue of when the cursor is inside a link element. This video recorded by Matias Ventura provides a visual demonstration of how link boundaries work.

Preparing WordPress for Gutenberg

It should be noted that WordPress 4.8 will not include Gutenberg. It does, however, lay the foundation for Gutenberg to arrive in a future release.

The easiest way to install and test WordPress 4.8 Beta 1 is to install and activate the Beta Tester plugin on a staging site. Once activated, visit Tools > Beta Testing and select Point release nightlies and then update WordPress.

If you believe you’ve encountered a bug, you can report it to the Alpha/Beta section of the WordPress support forums. Please provide as much detail about the bug as possible. WordPress 4.8 is tentatively scheduled for release June 8th.

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