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Vlog – Awesome WordPress theme made specially for Vloggers

Imagine a WordPress theme that features all needed stuff for building magazine or editorial website, while on the other hands it offers some nice video specific features that virtually every vlogger dreams about, yes there is a theme just like that and it’s called Vlog WordPress theme.


This gorgeous looking WordPress theme is made by Envato’s elite author, Meks. I have to say that it’s one of the best-rated teams on ThemeForest and all of their WordPress Themes are real gems and some of you might stumble upon one of their older themes like Voice, Herald or Throne. So, it’s the entire team behind the products and besides offering of the highest quality themes, their support is also superb, polite and very helpful… and I can confirm it from my personal experience.

So, let get onto the theme it self.

Vlog – WordPress theme for Vlogging and much more

The theme comes in the classic ThemeForest download package and it contains Vlog theme files and child theme as well. Theme documentation is available online as well and I could say that documentation is well written and really straight forward. After you perform theme installation, you will notice temporary notice box that is displayed at the top of all pages, it points out your next 3 steps, installation of plugins that are bundled with the theme, importing the theme demo content (if you want) and finally getting to know the Theme Options panel.

Once you end up the process of theme installation, plugin installation and demo importing, you can start browsing thru the theme setup and stuff.

Here are some specific features worth mentioning aside:

  • Watch / Listen later option
  • Auto-play videos or audio posts (for supported sources and device)
  • Cinema Mode
  • Video importer
  • Automatic thumbnails
  • Ads system that supports Google AdSense and other providers
  • Video post types automatically fits into Cover area
  • Option to rate videos and posts
  • Ability to create series

Theme also comes packed with standard magazine features, most of them are available in the other Meks themes. Vlog theme features module page builder, sticky header, sticky sidebar, custom sidebars, 4 different pagination types, infinite scroll for single posts, different post types, archive and category templates, support for Google fonts and built in theme translation option.

Design and UX

Vlog theme features a great design inspired by the latest trends in minimal flat design. It features responsive approach and theme surely looks very nice across various devices, especially on mobile and tablet devices.

Vlog WordPress theme - Design

Besides that, theme features lots of styling options for making your future website stands out of the crowd and to look authentically once you brand it using built in option for that.

There are 8 post layouts templates and 5 different header styles

You will notice that the authors were paying attention to details, from UX perspective theme is quite easy to use and it performs marvelously as well. You can choose between boxed and fluid design and besides adjusting the colors, typography and stuff like that, you can also adjust the height of the header area or Cover area as well.

The theme comes with 3 DEMO versions available to choose from. You can import theme demos directly from Theme Options panel.

Theme Options panel

Vlog theme comes with powerful Options panel that offers gives your complete control over every aspect of your website. Its based on the Redux framework and it comes packed with needed features.

Vlog - Theme Options Panel
Vlog – Theme Options Panel

As you can see from the example image, the theme comes with an option to stylize your single posts, pages, category, archives and tags pages. There is build in Ads placement system, performance system as well as the option to automatically import theme demo, add your own code and much more.

We won’t cover the entire option panel as its too large and it features many great options so if you really like the theme so far, you can simply sign up for free VLOG THEME TEST drive.

The author is offering free 3 days full theme testing without any obligation from your side, just enter your email in the form and wait for your access credentials and start exploring.

Built in support for Advertisements

Theme comes with support for placing your ads codes in all major positions like header ads slot, below header ads slot, before and after single posts, before footer section and more. So, if your website is fueled by for example Google AdSense, you can use responsive ads code and utilize your revenue in this way.

Build in support for Advertisement codes

I’m sure that it crucial for most of the vloggers or any other content specific website.

Please also note that you can use Vlog AdSense widget for placing AdSense code in the sidebar or footer widget positions as well. You can also utilize the Meks Easy Ads widget that will surely help you to add your own rotating banner images in the respective widget positions.

Video importer & Automatic video thumbnails

Theme comes with plugin entitled “Video importer” and it will be installed once you follow theme installation procedure. It offer the option of importing video from YouTube and Vimeo. The purpose of this plugin is to enables you to have the way to import some video into WordPress posts from certain YouTube channels or users. Once you install this plugin you will need to generate YouTube API key in order to use it.

Automatize your Video posts using plugins that are coming with Vlog WordPress theme

The second plugin that fit into the role and plays well with the previous one is the plugin that is fetching the Featured images for your posts based on their video source, so you won’t need to attache the Featured images for your video posts if you don’t want to.

Other video specific features

Beside this important plugin, theme is oriented toward enabling you to display your video content in more user friendly way. Cover area slider can feature video with auto-play option enabled and it works for all major sources and devices.

Vlog theme - Specific Video Features
Vlog Specific Video Features

Watch later option allows visitors to mark some of your videos for later watching. The feature currently work by placing cookies in a browser and it could be very useful if the authors introduce some way to handle this per users with authentication support and more.

Theme fully supports playback of Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook video, jWplayer self hosted video and many more minor video sources.

There is also Cinema mode for playing video in the modal box with background lights dithered for a smoother experience.

Guests or visitors can submit and upload videos

One of the features worth mentioning is also Video submit and upload option. The theme comes with a pre-defined plugin for easier video submission from the Front end and your visitors can suggest or upload videos for you and some of you might find this feature really useful.


After being able to fully test the theme for 3 days I decided to give it a goo. Theme looks nice as hell and performance are more that expected. If you are vlogger or preparing some vlog or videos for some future posts, be sure to check upon this nice little theme as it might be just the one you are looking for. Also bare in mind that its not just video theme, this theme can fuel any time of magazine, editorial or personal blog without any problems.

I hope you like it as much as I do, feel free to share your impressions or ask any questions in the comments section below.

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Being web developer for more than 15 years should tell you quit enough. I'm in love with WordPress for over a decade now and I have pretty neat and huge WordPress experience. I have created some free themes and plugins for WordPress and I do like to share my knowledge with others. :)

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