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What’s new in Nifty Coming soon plugin 1.0.9

Some week ago I have released the latest update to my Nifty Coming soon, maintenance and under construction plugin. The latest update brought some enhancements to the structure and overall code optimization as well as some new and cool features.

What’s new

Starting from 1.0.9, plugin offers the Live Preview Option so that you don’t need to log out or inspect the look of your coming soon page. The Live preview button is located just besides the Save changes option and you can always preview it, while you can continue to work.

There is also some change related to the access of the website while the coming soon mode is active, now the Author, Editor, Contributor can also access and work on the website while the coming soon page is being server to the guest and subscribers as well.

New social networks are been added and some other minor stying tweaks and options enhancements.

Upcoming changes in 1.1.0

Please note that 1.1.0 will be a major release and it will features some new and useful features like ability to choose the template, setup the fonts family, color and size and the entire social networks part will be refactored.

You can download the latest plugin version here:

I hope you enjoy using my Nifty plugins, if so feel free to share your impressions or feature requests in the comments.

Davor Veselinovic

Being web developer for more than 15 years should tell you quit enough. I'm in love with WordPress for over a decade now and I have pretty neat and huge WordPress experience. I have created some free themes and plugins for WordPress and I do like to share my knowledge with others. :)

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